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Taian Luming Engineering Materials Co., Ltd.
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Shandong, China
Hauptprodukte:Geo gitter, Geo membran, Geo textil, Compound-Geo gitter, Compound-Geo membran
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Taian Luming engineering Materials Co., LTD
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Taian Luming Engineering Materials Co., Ltd. is a collection of production, sales and research and development Geomaterials production enterprises. Since the establishment in 2014 of the company, we have continuously developed and innovated, according to market demand, actively providing customers with novel and practical products.
luming company mainly produces and operates Warp-Knitting fiberglass geogrids, Warp-knitting polyester geogrids, warp-Knitting basalt geogrids, geotextiles, geomembrane, composite geomembranes,Composite geogrid etc.
Our company uses Karl Meyer braiding machine imported from Germany, fine knitting glass fiber wire into a grid. It is then coated, dried and rolled up into fiberglass geogrids. Fiberglass geogrid is mainly used in asphalt layer, with high-temperature resistance, ruting resistance, prevent cracks and other functions.In addition, there are production lines such as geomembrane, geotextile.These products are widely used in new roads, old road reconstruction and extension, Soft soil foundation reinforcement treatment,Landfill and impermeability of aquaculture . Embankment slope reinforced, retaining wall steep slope engineering .
Taian Luming engineering Materials Co., LTD